How to Take Picture with WebCam in JavaScript+Flash & upload in PHP


I am writing a tutorial on how you can capture image with your webpage and upload it to server, basically its a JavaScript plugin with Flash and used PHP to store image on server and its very easy to integrate and manage I hope you like this tutorial.Basically I have used a JavaScript library called jpegcam this library is Flash + JavaScript library display cam movie in your webpage and capture snapshots and submit to server using in JPEG format in PHP. Flash movie first activates and allows the user to make adjustments before submitting. All controls for displaying the Flash device configuration panel and taking snapshots is handled from Javascript.



This JavaScript used to control cam action like capture image and send it to upload.php file on server, Play a click sound on capture and display captured image on the same page.


This PHP code accept input and save it in images directory and return image url to show that image on page. That’s all for today’s tutorial I hope you guyz like this tutorial please test demo befor downloading demo of the tutorial. Please feel free to comment below your reviews and issues you face in its implementation.


Ashwani Bhatia

Ashwani Bhatia

Highly creative, innovative and multitalented web designer and developer with 9+ years experience in front end development technologies including advanced PHP,HTML5,CSS3, JavaScript, AJAX and Internet Marketing.

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  1. neeraj kumar says:

    nice article … :)

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