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We have a set of sub websites on a wide range of subjects such as:

  • Recipes
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • Bollywood

, dedicated to provide wholesome, useful and interesting content to its readers on the broad areas of Health, Beauty and Food. The content could be in the form of article, tips, videos, quotes and affirmations.

How to write for us as Guest Blogger

We are more than keen to welcome posts which have original ideas on the topics / subjects of Web Tecnologies (such as PHP, JAVA, HTML), Cricket, Bollywood Movies, Recipes ( such as Food, cooking) and any such related topics.

Experience, location, education are not the selection criteria to become guest blogger at bloggersworld.org.

Do’s, Dont’s, Rules for Guest Blogging at bloggersworld.org

  1. You should write the stuff which is original, informative and interesting.
  2. Please do not send us the content which has been plagiarised or published already.
  3. You are welcome to share your personal experiences or stuff from professional field of work.
  4. It is better to include infographics also.
  5. Please write each post of 700 words and above
  6. We shall be happy to provide a link to your blog and/or your social media page.
  7. The Editor’s decision shall be final

How to contact us

Get in touch with us at ashcreations [at] gmail.com to become guest blogger at:

  1. http://bloggersworld.org/
  2. http://bloggersworld.org/recipes/
  3. http://cricketjagat.com/
  4. http://bloggersworld.org/php/
  5. http://bloggersworld.org/html/
  6. http://bloggersworld.org/bollywood/













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