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26 September, 2014

How to cook Chapatti Pizza / Parantha Pizza

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Imagine a situation when you are suddenly very hungry in the middle of the night. You go to kitchen, there are one or two chapattis left from the dinner table. There is no dish to eat this chappati with.

Suddenly, the Archimedes in you comes out. Eureka ! You have a novel idea and head straight to the fridge. There is some cheese, some ketchup and one or two other things.

Bravo! You are now ready to make a nice Indian Roti Pizza for yourself in a jiffy.This is an ideal midnight or anytime snack when you want something different.


First let us see what you need:

  1. A roti ( chapatti) – which is also called India wheat flour Bread OR If the chapatti is not there you can also use plain Parantha ( fried chappati in Ghee or butter). But remember it should not be a stuffed parantha.
  2. Vegetables of your choice and as per quick availability (any like tomato, mushroom, baby corn, onion, capsicum, olives etc. )
  3. Cheese spread
  4. Grated cheese
  5. Pizza Sauce ( If not available, you can also substitute it with Tomato Puree or Tomato Sauce or Mexican Tango Sauce)
  6. Some herbs, pinch of salt, crushed black pepper

Preparation Method

  1. Take the chapati ( or Parantha) and apply cheese spread and Pizza Sauce on it
  2. Now chop the vegetables of your choice into small pieces
  3. Depending on your preference you can go in for sauting the veggies lightly or marinate them for 15 minutes with olive oil, basil and oregano or use them as fresh and uncooked
  4. Put veggies on it
  5. Add the herbs, salt, crushed black pepper
  6. Sprinkle grated cheese
  7. Put this in the microwave and set it for 45 seconds till the cheese melts

Serve hot!!!

Tip: If you have seasoning also, then sprinkle over it and enjoy the unique taste of Indo – Italian dish. Yummmmyyyy!!

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